Neolife Solution


Clad 4 & Clad 14 - Cladding


  • Unique aspect with visible wood fibres, intense wood scent
  • Strong, random brushing catching light and creating a natural aspect
  • Marked slatted look with guaranteed regular grooving
  • Possible combination of both boards - Clad 4 and Clad 14
  • Only 5 mm clearance at the end of the 3m25 board


  • Accreditation issued by the French building office CSTB
  • Exceptional dimensional stability with only 1,2 mm expansion per linear metre for 50°ΔT (equivalent to aluminium)
  • Rot-proof, without moisture
  • 100% resistant to termites
  • Doesn’t fade away its colour : no need for varnish or preservatives


  • Made of VESTA® X-RESIST, new wood composite material
  • 82% hydrophobic wood fibres sourced from sustainably managed European forests
  • Doesn’t contain any toxic products, adhesives or heavy metals


  • Vertical and horizontal installation
  • 3.25 m of length, 1m² per board for only 12 kg
  • Faster installation by stapling on ventilated battens structure with out without insulation
  • Parallel slot-in construction with perfectly adjusted finish
  • Bottom groove screwing, with or without insulation


  • Horizontal: external angle with 45° mitre-cut, perfectly adjusted
  • Vertical and underside: stapled corner profile